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MYOB Hong Kong Accounting Software Rebrand Notice and FAQ

01 Jan 2018 United
From 1 January 2018, MYOB Hong Kong Accounting Software will rebrand to ABSS (Asian Business Software Solutions)
ABSS Hong Kong Service Provider (Exclusive datafile repairing) is appointed to United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd. 
Service includes product direct selling and wholesale, support and maintenance, education and training, AddOn solution and related I.T. service.
MYOB Rebrand FAQs 
Still #1 - Same product different name – Giving greater focus in Asia under ABSS (Asian Business Software Solutions) 
Q: Can we still buy MYOB software? 
A: Yes, any MYOB stock you have purchased before the 31st December 2017 can be used and sold to any customers after this date. 
Q: What will happen to existing MYOB customers? 
A: There will be no changes to existing users. Their product remains valid 
Q: Will the software be the same? 
A: Yes, it is a name change only. There are no changes to the software. Asian Business Software Solutions will continue to develop and update the software as ABSS. If the customer does not opt for future upgrades, the software (including desktop icon) will continue to function 
Q: Will there be future support for the new ABSS named software? 
A: Asian Business Software Solutions will continue to support and develop the software in the same way we do now 
Can you provide marketing assets (packs, logo etc) for the newly named product? As per the roll-out plan provided, new assets will be provided soon

Contact Us    
Sales Enquiry: +852 2960 0867
Email: enquiry@united.com.hk
Purchase Procedures    
  1. Call 2960-1002 to place order
  2. Payment methods :
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer -
      HSBC & Bank of China
    • Pay cheque
  3. Contact with United Technologies for confirmation and delivery when finished the payment
United Technology Principals