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Outsourcing IT Service


To save cost, most SMEs, organizations do not have their own IT support department. Instead, the IT department is normally outsourced to contracted companies. United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd. Pprofessional team offers solutions and services to small and medium enterprises in Microsoft Platform.

#1 - Save I.T. Headcount, No Fixed Costs

Our IT Service Plan do not have fixed costs nor minimum charge. It depends on needs of clients. We provides different plans at customers choices. With our IT service, clients can enjoy telephone, remote and onsite services of computer maintenance. We also provide onsite inspection services so to conduct more comprehensive maintenance of clients’ computers and systems.

#2 - No Expiry Date for the Plan.

Our plan is by means of supporting hours, however, all balance supporting man days have no expiry.

IT Service Plan

  • Basic Support Plan – 20 Hours
  • Advanced Support Plan – 40 Hours
  • Premium Support Plan – 60 Hours
  • Star Support Plan - Over 60 Hours
#3 - Manhours for adhoc support and project deployment

For adhoc project and project deployment, we also give our support to clients. Our support is only limited to Microsoft Platform only. As we pay attention to every detail, our technical project teams are well prepared to your adhoc projects. Arranging IT experts of high caliber that could fit your needs on the project and even specific skill sets, it ensures the process fluency and provides professional support and deployment.

#4 - Prompt Call to On-site Commitment (4 working hours)

IT support is needed whenever there is incident in systems or computers. United Technologies is always standing by our clients. For every prompt call that requires on-site support, we will be attending the service as soon as 4 man-hours for the support. Our professional, experienced consultants and technicians are well-prepared to fix complicated troubleshooting case and system failures.

#5 - After office hours service

For planned project deployment and urgent adhoc support, we provide after-office-hour service. We understand that some projects may have tight schedule. Our IT experts are stand-by for any emergency support or planned project deployment.

#6 - Certified by Microsoft and major technology principals

Our IT Service Team filled with professional expertise or solid and concrete experience in IT Service and IT Maintenance. All of our experts are certificated by Microsoft while United Technologies is a Certified Partner of Microsoft for teams in areas of data platform and cloud services.

Contact Us    
Sales Enquiry: +852 2960 0867
Email: enquiry@united.com.hk
Purchase Procedures    
  1. Call 2960-1002 to place order
  2. Payment methods :
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer -
      HSBC & Bank of China
    • Pay cheque
  3. Contact with United Technologies for confirmation and delivery when finished the payment
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