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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


United Technologies develops an MYOB-integrated CRM system, named X-Analyze SmartCRM System targetting at companies which intend to do mass e-promotion or e-notification against MYOB Premier/ Premier Plus customer cardfile database via email, SMS, mass fax, or direct mailing. The system also allows sales department staffs to view MYOB order and invoice records without granting staffs access to MYOB datafile. Detail function list:

  • ONE-STEP SMS (HK & China), E-mail, Fax and Mail Promotion
  • Insert PayPal button in Email Promotion
  • Powerful Search function based on customers profile
  • Create more sales opportunities
  • Keep records of those who have opened your e-mails
  • Build your database of customers and prospects with ease
  • Data can be partitioned and restricted based on sales teams or territories
  • Record preferences and current information of your customers
  • Build in a snap timely follow-up contact lists sorted by products
  • Automatic processing of undelivered e-mail addresses
  • Assign customer to sales teams, simple management for supervisors
  • Keep lists of customer enquiries
  • Sales management reports
  • Manage customer tasks scheduling
  • Integrate with MYOB Premier / Premier Plus Customer Order and Invoice Profiling


Contact Us    
Sales Enquiry: +852 2960 0867
Email: enquiry@united.com.hk
Purchase Procedures    
  1. Call 2960-1002 to place order
  2. Payment methods :
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer -
      HSBC & Bank of China
    • Pay cheque
  3. Contact with United Technologies for confirmation and delivery when finished the payment
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