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Performance Enhancer (PE)


United Technologies promotes Performance Enhancer to existing MYOB customers with growing datafile and multi-users access. The solution allows obvious improvements on MYOB datafile access in a network environment by eliminating network overheads. The solution also allows remote access at a speedy fashion.

  • Improve speed of datafile access in multi-users environment
  • Low network traffic
  • Lower risk on data corruption
  • Few seconds to show out the report
  • Allows cross location (i.e. PRC office, Travelling uses) Access
Lab Test

Performance enhancer addition was co-launched by MYOB HK Ltd. And United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd. In Dec 2009 for MYOB network wears. The addition was tested with 400% (or above) access performance enhancement in a network environment. This popular result achieve the result of our lab test benchmarks and we include 30 days after.

Testing Environment
Server Environment: Win XP Pro, Celeron 2.53 GHz, 448MB Memory
Data File Size: 100MB – 130MB
Clients Computer: Core2 Duo, 2GB Memory
(3 Clients access at the same time)

3 Users Input at the same time
Normal speed: 4-5 seconds
With PE: 1 second

1 Users Input with 2 users printing reports
Normal speed: 16:30 mins
With PE: 2:20 mins
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  1. Call 2960-1002 to place order
  2. Payment methods :
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer -
      HSBC & Bank of China
    • Pay cheque
  3. Contact with United Technologies for confirmation and delivery when finished the payment
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