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MYOB Support

United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd has been appointed the official service provider for data file repair from Oct 1st, 2010. Please contact United Technologies or your MYOB Certified Consultant for assistance should there be any problems.
  • Data file corruption
  • Serial number removal
  • Password removal

United Technologies focus on providing support service for customers who are either:

  • Registered version of the latest version
  • Registered version of upto two version before
United MYOB Club Annual Support Plan
  • Office hours telephone and email support on MYOB standard functions
  • MYOB datafile repairing service (upto 3 company files repairing within support period)
MYOB Club Hotline Support Email Support Remote Support Data file Repairing* Free Training Class MYOB Discount**
12-month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3 data files Yes Yes

*United Technologies (Int’l) Limited is appointed as exclusive data file repairing service provider in HKSAR & Macau SAR by MYOB Asia. Data file repairing include “reset password”, “separate serial number” and “data file repairing”.

**MYOB Discount include new product box set, upgrade, additional user license, solution product etc.

Support period: Monday to Friday, 09:15 – 13:00, 14:00 – 18:00 (exclude public holidays).

United MYOB Club Plus Annual Support Plan
  • Office hours telephone and email support on MYOB standard functions.
  • MYOB datafile repairing service. (upto 3 company files repairing within support period)
  • 8* on-site manhours of MYOB I.T. platform support. (*MYOB Certified Consultant service would be counted double)
United MYOB Club Plus (w/ ADDOn) service annual support plan
  • Includes office hours telephone and email support on MYOB Premier Plus functions, including all MYOB ADDOn developed by United Technologies and/ or ABSS Business Intelligence.
  • Includes 4 manhours of MYOB Certified Consultant services (on-site or off-site if needed).
  • This support package includes upto 3 MYOB company files repairing (done off-site at United Technologies office, company datafiles to be forwarded by email or FTP).

Sunset Products - Table
MYOB product Latest version Other supported versions Non supported versions
(Note: some MYOB Professional Partners may provide support)
MYOB Accounting V24 V19.8, V19.1, V17 V16 and below
MYOB Premier V19 V13.8, V13.1, V12 V10 and below
MYOB PremierPlus V19 V15, V13, V12 -
MYOB RetailBasics Discontinued Product - -
MYOB RetailManager V10 V7 -
MYOB BusinessBasic Discontinued Product - -
Contact Us    
Sales Enquiry: +852 2960 0867
Email: enquiry@united.com.hk
Purchase Procedures    
  1. Call 2960-1002 to place order
  2. Payment methods :
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer -
      HSBC & Bank of China
    • Pay cheque
  3. Contact with United Technologies for confirmation and delivery when finished the payment
United Technology Principals