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Office 365 provides virtually anywhere access to familiar Office tools, plus enterprise-grade email, conferencing, and more IT services.
A complete accounting package that offers all the essential accounting tools such as intergrated accounts, banking, sales, purchases, inventory, contact management . . .
Kingdee K/3 is a mature and comprehensive ERP system which can deliver solutions to the applications ranging from financial accounting, human resource, supply chain management for . . .
Outsourcing IT Service
Certified by Microsoft®
To save cost, most SMEs, organizations do not have their own IT support department. Instead, the IT department is normally outsourced to contracted companies. United Technologies . . .

MYOB products rebranded to ABSS for Asia Pacific effective 1st January 2018.

01 Jan 2018 United
MYOB products rebranded to ABSS for Asia Pacific effective 1st January 2018. United Technologies (Int'l) Limited will continue to serve you with our strength areas on IT and accounting solutions. ...

MYOB workshop in January! Thank you for your participation!

19 Jan 2018 United
Thank you for joining our latest MYOB accounting software & I.T. workshop! Join us and get more in MYOB! ...

Add value for MYOB users! Great workshop!

08 Dec 2017 United
ABSS workshop in February! Thank you for your participation! ...

[2018年第一手消息]!ABSS (前名: MYOB)香港推出新版會計軟件

08 Jan 2018 United
聯訊科技收到第一手消息, ABSS (前名: MYOB) 即將推出自品牌易名以來第一個最新版本的會計軟件。有關的會計軟件系列和版本將會是Abss Accounting v25、 Abss Premier v20 和 Abss Premier Plus v20。 聯訊科技將會於為打算升級的ABSS (MYOB) 客戶推薦最新版本的ABSS會計軟件。但由於此消息只是剛剛發生的事情, 連官方網站也未曾公佈, 有關的新功能仍未得到官方列明。 截止現在(更新時間: ...

香港最流行會計軟件之一 ABSS ( 前名: MYOB ) 在港秘密革新

05 Jan 2018 United
MYOB札根香港10多年,成為香港最流行中小企會計軟件之一 MYOB會計軟件於香港已札根接近20年, 一直為香港中小企提供最經濟而功能全面的會計管理方案。MYOB之成功除了簡單易用、經濟和功能適切香港中小企業工作流程外, 更全力支援香港大專教育和國際考試機構, 例如VTC職業訓練局和LCCI國際會計試等, 努力為中小企業培訓人才, 方便招聘。MYOB更於Cimigo 2008年進行之會計軟件銷量調查中, 連續4年成為香港銷量第1, 從此踏上香港最受歡迎會計軟件系 ...
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